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NJ – My new Destination :))

6 Nov

Bags packed – Check
Tickets, Passport… – Check
Set alarm to make sure I wake up on time – Check
Write a quick Post – Check
Bid farewell to Atlanta – Check

NJ here I come.. 🙂


Good or Bad: Travlleing Alone after marriage

29 Aug

I am writing this post from my personal experience…. I was married few months ago and I was asked to travel to US for some months… Now I was faced with 2 choices

  • Go to USA leaving the comfort of my home, family, friends and the most my wife…
  • Reject the offer and stay back knowing that this kind of offer might not come again anytime soon….
  • So after much delima, discussions and thought, I finally decide to go to USA…

    Was it a Good decision or a Bad decision???
    Well, now here I am and it’s been a month since I went to USA and I am writing this post to get the answer…

      Pros of travelling to USA (since I travelled to USA)

    • I am in USA
    • I learned cooking
      (Trust me. Cooking was an alien thing to me. Ready to Eat and Maggi were my best friend… but I have learned a lot)
    • Drink some alcohol since I am away from my wife and I feel sad
    • Since I don’t have a vehicle and use public transport… it helps to lose SOME pounds
    • Get lot of time to think straight and set my priorities
    • Earning a bit more. So good chance to save some money to spend when I get back 🙂
      Cons of travelling to USA (since I travelled to USA)

    • Missing my wife
    • I am in USA but everyone who matter to me are back home, so am not there to take care of them and support them. Sometimes I even missed few events here and there…
    • Pubs and Clubs are there but I like to party with my wife. She is not here with me to party so the parties are not as lively as they used to be
    • Missing my wife a lottttt
      Other silly but important Cons

    • I learned cooking… but obviously the food was not that good, it was eatable. Also very important point that after I go back home, everyone will expect me to cook and unluckily if the food turns out to be good at that time then I can expect more of such cooking days.
    • When I go back home, everyone (and I mean everyone) will expect that I bring something from here, which is by the way impossible. I mean, we are talking money here; I can get chocolates for everyone. 😉
    • When I go back, everyone will think that I am a multi millionaire. Although this can be good for my reputation, but multi millionaire… yeah that’s a good one.

    So to summarize, in my case, it was not a good decision to travel alone so early after marriage but I am trying to make the best of this situation.
    With my wife supporting me in every way, I am enjoying this long distance relationship till I get back home….

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