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Himen @ About.me

22 Sep

Recently I created a profile at About.me. I was curious what this is all about. At first,I thought it would be just like one of those services that would link all of my social accounts at one place.
But after looking at what it I had to offer, I was impressed.
It allowed me to create a page about me (just like the name suggested)

My About.me Page (check it out here)

My Dashboard

(of course there is nothing on the dashboard, I created it just some time back)

The about me page allows user to create a page, write a short biography, upload an image, add links to twitter, facebook, wordpress and many more pages
The interface is simple and pretty easy to use.
And most of all, a statistics dashboard is provided to track the page clicks.

About.Me is pretty good although it is still in beta mode. I cant wait to see what more features this thing has to offer.

Using IE, I tried to upload an image, but was not able to see it even if it was uploaded. The site also pops up lot of script errors for IE. (Well I don’t blame the site, everyone knows its the browser ;).
Everything works pretty smooth in Firefox.

Altogether, it is a good way to promote yourself or your brand.

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