Music: Pandora is good but Grooveshark is better

10 Sep

When you are all alone in a hotel room and have tons of stuff to do or just want relax, Music is the answer you are looking for. Well, I was also in this situation few weeks ago. I had already heard about Pandora, so started using that as my online source or music.

Pandora helped me to quench my thirst for songs. The song list provided by pandora according to my preferences is very nice and I really stumbled upon some nice songs. But I wanted to save those songs and listen to them over and over again. So I googled some more and came across Grooveshark.

After using Grooveshark, I just fell in love with it. I have listed a few things I just love about Grooveshark

  • The interface (page) is really eye catching and simple to use
  • I can create multiple playlist, search and add songs to the list
  • It keeps a track of my last played songs so that the next time, I can just listen to my last played the songs
  • I can select songs from the most popular songs of the day or week.
  • No annoying ads between songs (like Pandora)

Apart from all the good features, the most distinct feature that kept me coming back rather than going to Pandora was the sound quality. Yup, the sound quality is definitely better than Pandora and I love it.
As always, all good things have drawbacks, and over here I feel that although Grooveshark has the radio option available, it is not as good as that of Pandora. Pandora searches and plays the songs as per my preferences and believe me it plays really good songs. I think that is why Pandora is more popular than Grooveshark.

For me Grooveshark does all the hard work and I just sit back and enjoy 🙂

I also find a nice comparison, check it out spotify-vs-grooveshark-vs-pandora


Good or Bad: Travlleing Alone after marriage

29 Aug

I am writing this post from my personal experience…. I was married few months ago and I was asked to travel to US for some months… Now I was faced with 2 choices

  • Go to USA leaving the comfort of my home, family, friends and the most my wife…
  • Reject the offer and stay back knowing that this kind of offer might not come again anytime soon….
  • So after much delima, discussions and thought, I finally decide to go to USA…

    Was it a Good decision or a Bad decision???
    Well, now here I am and it’s been a month since I went to USA and I am writing this post to get the answer…

      Pros of travelling to USA (since I travelled to USA)

    • I am in USA
    • I learned cooking
      (Trust me. Cooking was an alien thing to me. Ready to Eat and Maggi were my best friend… but I have learned a lot)
    • Drink some alcohol since I am away from my wife and I feel sad
    • Since I don’t have a vehicle and use public transport… it helps to lose SOME pounds
    • Get lot of time to think straight and set my priorities
    • Earning a bit more. So good chance to save some money to spend when I get back 🙂
      Cons of travelling to USA (since I travelled to USA)

    • Missing my wife
    • I am in USA but everyone who matter to me are back home, so am not there to take care of them and support them. Sometimes I even missed few events here and there…
    • Pubs and Clubs are there but I like to party with my wife. She is not here with me to party so the parties are not as lively as they used to be
    • Missing my wife a lottttt
      Other silly but important Cons

    • I learned cooking… but obviously the food was not that good, it was eatable. Also very important point that after I go back home, everyone will expect me to cook and unluckily if the food turns out to be good at that time then I can expect more of such cooking days.
    • When I go back home, everyone (and I mean everyone) will expect that I bring something from here, which is by the way impossible. I mean, we are talking money here; I can get chocolates for everyone. 😉
    • When I go back, everyone will think that I am a multi millionaire. Although this can be good for my reputation, but multi millionaire… yeah that’s a good one.

    So to summarize, in my case, it was not a good decision to travel alone so early after marriage but I am trying to make the best of this situation.
    With my wife supporting me in every way, I am enjoying this long distance relationship till I get back home….

    My TO DO list

    29 May

    So less time and sooo many things to do…

    The best way to start off  a day in such a disaster case would be to create a TO DO list. OK, so let me start my day by creating one for me. (I know its past 12 in the afternoon, but on weekends, the day starts only after 12 😉 )

    (Thank GOD for this wonderful day where I will finally create a list of things TO Do ;)))) )

    My Things to DO (That I HAVE TO DO and not just list down)

    • Prepare for SQL certification
    • DO not forget to update blog ;)))
    • Search for Home
    • Discuss on startups, research and finalize (shortlist from  the ones I have in my mind) and start working (VVVV IMP)
    • Organise / backup my desktop and laptop
    • Close SIP


    Ok so now I have created the immediate TO DO, I have to start working. But first I have to search a widget for this and add this in the widget (for easy access), so here we go …. :))

    Started with WordPress

    28 May

    hummm…. so I have started with a wordpress blog.. now lets see what I can do with this over the weekend….. I think.. will try to organize my most common links in a single place… :)))

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