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1 Mar

I have moved my blog to . see you there :))


Funny Google Translate.

11 Nov

Now this is funny,
I was just trying out Google Translate the other day and here is what I found out..

(Click image to enlarge)

Now did Google translate really goofed up or did it really mean it ???
Well, I believe that Google really meant it. LOL. 😀

Musgle – download MUSic using gooGLE.

1 Oct

Although this site might not be very amazing but still I am writing about it  just because of the simplicity of the idea behind it.

Want to download a song? Well Google it. Even better Musgle it.

Musgle unleashes the actual power of Google search. Hence the name Musgle (MUSic + gooGLE).
I just enter any song name that I want to download and hit the search button.

Step 1: Enter Song Name

The site shows a list of links from where the song can be downloaded directly. It’s a hassle free search.

Step 2: Select a link from the list

Step 3: Song from the list ready for download

Behind the scenes, Musgle just links to Google and searches using the advanced search option. So simple yet very brilliant. I would never take the pain of searching using the Google Advanced Search option.

The list of links shown sometimes end up to an online streaming site, but I was able to find few direct links also (just had to do the hard work of scrolling through the list 🙂 )

Thank you Musgle for making things simple for me.

Himen @

22 Sep

Recently I created a profile at I was curious what this is all about. At first,I thought it would be just like one of those services that would link all of my social accounts at one place.
But after looking at what it I had to offer, I was impressed.
It allowed me to create a page about me (just like the name suggested)

My Page (check it out here)

My Dashboard

(of course there is nothing on the dashboard, I created it just some time back)

The about me page allows user to create a page, write a short biography, upload an image, add links to twitter, facebook, wordpress and many more pages
The interface is simple and pretty easy to use.
And most of all, a statistics dashboard is provided to track the page clicks.

About.Me is pretty good although it is still in beta mode. I cant wait to see what more features this thing has to offer.

Using IE, I tried to upload an image, but was not able to see it even if it was uploaded. The site also pops up lot of script errors for IE. (Well I don’t blame the site, everyone knows its the browser ;).
Everything works pretty smooth in Firefox.

Altogether, it is a good way to promote yourself or your brand.

Music: Pandora is good but Grooveshark is better

10 Sep

When you are all alone in a hotel room and have tons of stuff to do or just want relax, Music is the answer you are looking for. Well, I was also in this situation few weeks ago. I had already heard about Pandora, so started using that as my online source or music.

Pandora helped me to quench my thirst for songs. The song list provided by pandora according to my preferences is very nice and I really stumbled upon some nice songs. But I wanted to save those songs and listen to them over and over again. So I googled some more and came across Grooveshark.

After using Grooveshark, I just fell in love with it. I have listed a few things I just love about Grooveshark

  • The interface (page) is really eye catching and simple to use
  • I can create multiple playlist, search and add songs to the list
  • It keeps a track of my last played songs so that the next time, I can just listen to my last played the songs
  • I can select songs from the most popular songs of the day or week.
  • No annoying ads between songs (like Pandora)

Apart from all the good features, the most distinct feature that kept me coming back rather than going to Pandora was the sound quality. Yup, the sound quality is definitely better than Pandora and I love it.
As always, all good things have drawbacks, and over here I feel that although Grooveshark has the radio option available, it is not as good as that of Pandora. Pandora searches and plays the songs as per my preferences and believe me it plays really good songs. I think that is why Pandora is more popular than Grooveshark.

For me Grooveshark does all the hard work and I just sit back and enjoy 🙂

I also find a nice comparison, check it out spotify-vs-grooveshark-vs-pandora

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