Honey, I can Cook..

20 Sep

Before coming to US, I was a terrible cook. Maggi and instant noodles were my best friends (as mentioned in my earlier post here)
But I don’t know what has happened to me since I came here, I have been cooking all these dishes and its like I discovered my unknown talent.

Let’s just compare my cooking skills.

    Before coming to US

  1. Bhurji
  2. Omelets
  3. Half fry
  4. Maggi (the best)
  5. Tea
  6. Tomato Bhaji
  7. Sandwich

yup, that’s it.. nothing apart from this.

    After coming to US

  1. Bhurji
  2. Omelets
  3. Half fry
  4. French Toast
  5. Maggi (the best)
  6. Tea
  7. Sandwich
  8. Toast sandwich (the tricky part is the stuffing used inside)
  9. Kichidi
  10. Dal rice
  11. Varan
  12. Chapati (ofcourse ready made)
  13. Tomato sabji
  14. Masoor dry
  15. Masoor Gravy
  16. Potato sabji
  17. Potato Onion Tomato sabji
  18. Bread Chivda (was a disaster dish)

Phew.. that was a long list.
18-7=11 approx 150% increase… wow.. are you kidding me.. that’s great. (I did not use calculator for this. I am good at Math)

So I found out that I can cook, (found this out the hard way) after doing some experiments and ofcourse with some good help and advice from my lovely wife.
She used to tell me in calls and emails about how to do and what to and the most important what NOT to DO

    List of what NOT to do:

  1. Never add water while making Bread Chivda, it turns all mushy instead of dry
  2. Never add salt hastily, turns out that you can add salt later but cant remove salt any way (U can but why to work more).
  3. Adding egg in dal rice (if dal rice is less in quantity) won’t increase the quantity and will not taste good.
  4. Adding egg in anything is NOT a good solution except for when it is egg curry.
  5. DO NOT eat egg everyday, it has lot of heat
  6. While giving tadka without onions, if the stuff turns a bit black (or dark brown) DO NOT throw it away, it is supposed to be like that
  7. While giving tadka again without onions, if the stuff turns a more black, lower the gas, it works. No need to eat burnt stuff

So finally, I feel good that I have finally learned to cook and somehow it tastes good. :))

Very IMPORTANT note to WIFE:
Sheetal, if you are reading this, the all the stuff written above is a work of fiction and I am NOT a good cook no mater whoever says so.
You are a very good cook and keep on cooking the wonderful stuff you make.


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