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My TO DO list

29 May

So less time and sooo many things to do…

The best way to start off¬† a day in such a disaster case would be to create a TO DO list. OK, so let me start my day by creating one for me. (I know its past 12 in the afternoon, but on weekends, the day starts only after 12 ūüėČ )

(Thank GOD for this wonderful day where I will finally create a list of things TO Do ;)))) )

My Things to DO (That I HAVE TO DO and not just list down)

  • Prepare for SQL certification
  • DO not forget to update blog ;)))
  • Search for Home
  • Discuss on startups, research¬†and finalize (shortlist from ¬†the ones I have in my mind) and start working (VVVV IMP)
  • Organise / backup my desktop and laptop
  • Close SIP


Ok so now I have created the immediate TO DO, I have to start working. But first I have to search a widget for this and add this in the widget (for easy access), so here we go …. :))


Started with WordPress

28 May

hummm…. so I have started with a wordpress blog.. now lets see what I can do with this over the weekend….. I think.. will try to organize my most common links in a single place… :)))

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